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Understanding the tariffs


The tariffs for managing water, sewerage, the wastewater treatment levy and the refuse collection charge are drawn up on the basis of the specific characteristics of the %CIUDADAVISOLEGAL% municipality and current legislation.

  • Water and seweage

    The %CIUDADAVISOLEGAL% municipality has limited water resources. This is why billing by consumption tranches is applied, so that users are billed according to their water consumption and with progressively higher rates, to foster rational use of water. The income from the tariffs must cover both the regular costs of managing the system and investment in the infrastructures that the town requires.

    The tariff structure for the water and sewerage service has two different parts:

    • The variable part, which is billed according to consumption and is applied equally for the water and sewerage tariffs. The water tariff is also billed by consumption tranches, based on m3 consumed.
    • The fixed part, called the service fee, is a charge for the immediate availability and permanent access to the service. It is applied to both water and sewerage.
    • Drinking water supply tariffs

      Service fees (fixed amount) Tariffs
      Domestic 16,5713 €/every two months
      Large family 12,4316 €/every two months
      Pensioners 12,4316 €/every two months
      Industrial 41,2616 €/every two months
      Consumption fees (variable amount) Tariffs
      From 0 to 14 m3  1,238302 €/ m3
      Over 30 m3  1,552729 €/ m3
      Over30 m3  2,639611 €/ m3
      Large family  
      From 0 to 68 m3  1,172231 €/ m3
      Over 68 m3  1,553489 €/ m3
      From 0 to 14 m3  0,579001 €/ m3
      From 15 to 30 m3  0,776744 €/ m3
      Over 30 m3   2,609972 €/ m3
      From 0 to 14 m3  1,437715 €/ m3
      From 15 to 30 m3  1,733782 €/ m3
      From 30 to 200 m3  2,565465 €/ m3
      Over 200 m3  3,016661 €/ m3
    • Wastewater treatment/sewerage tariffs

      Service fees (fixed amount) Tariffs
      Domestic 7,2056 €/every two months
      Large family 7,1427 €/every two months
      Pensioners 7,1427 €/every two months
      Industrial 10,9419 €/every two months


      Consumption fees (variable amount) Tariffs
      Single fee

      0,178163 €/ m3

      Large family  
      Single fee 0,174148 €/ m3
      Single fee 0,174148 €/ m3
      From 0 to 200 m3 0,291841 €/ m3
      Over 200 m3 0,345763 €/ m3
    • Meter maintenance tariffs

      Service fee Tariffs
      All groups 5,5414 €/every two months

    Click on the following links to view full legislation on the water and sewerage system fees:

  • Wastewater treatment levy

    The autonomous community tax payable to the regional sewerage and wastewater treatment body

    ESAMUR is a public regional company set up by Law 3/2000, of 12 July, on sewerage and wastewater treatment and the implementation of the wastewater treatment levy, assigned to the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and the Environment of the Autonomous Community

    • Wastewater treatment levy fees

      The following shows how the wastewater treatment levy fees are set, with an example of how they are calculated.




      Consumption fee

      0,42 €/m3

      0,30 €/m3

      Service fee

      42 € /supply source/ year

      36 € /customer/ year

      Levy calculation for a FAMILY OF  --> 3 members and 75 m3/year, based on current tariffs:

      Monthly: €4.88 - Quarterly: €14.63 - Yearly: €58.50

      View more information on the wastewater treatment levy.  

    Click on the following links to view full legislation on the wastewater treatment levy:

  • Refuse Collection Fee

    The fee for the household refuse collection service is collected in the water bill on behalf of %CIUDADAVISOLEGAL% Town Council.

    It is spent on the treatment, recycling and recovery of municipal waste and the depositing of waste at the recycling collection points, recycling plants, composting plants and EcoPark.

    • Taxes by type of establishment

      The tax rate is applied to the monthly tariff:

      Tax category €/ month
      Domestic dwellings 11,17
      Warehouse and dwelling 53,17
      General warehouses 42,00
      Bar and dwelling 33,60
      Bars and pubs 28,00
      Café or whisky bar 48,30
      Café, whisky bar and dwelling 59,47
      Industry 210
      Business premises 16,10
      Business premises and dwelling 27,27
      Restaurant A and dwelling 105,00
      Supermarket and dwelling 85,40
      Supermarkets between 300 m2 and 500 m2 91,00
      Supermarkets over 500 m2 262,50
      General shop premises between 0 and 250 m2 140,00
      General shop premises between 250 m2 and 500 m2 157,50
      General shop premises of over 500 m2 227,50
      Banks and savings banks 315,00
      Petrol stations 38,50
      Amusement arcades 87,50
      Pharmacies 42,00
      Health centres (dentists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, private physicians) 30,10
      Gil de Junterón schools 70,00
      Phone centres 42,00
      Medical centre 70,00

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